The Truth About Food

The world has gone mad with stress and disagreement over what foods you should be eating and what foods should be avoided.
Social media is filled with so called gurus who insist you should be eliminating certain nutrients as they poison you, and you should be following their specific diet plan that is the magic recipe to health and enlightenment.
When did intelligent people lose common sense? Why is it that people with high IQ’s and a good understanding of how the human body works can still get dragged into fad diets and the promise of fast weight loss?
I really wish I could answer these questions. It would save people plenty of money and time, but more importantly, it would have avoided the dangerous yo yo cycle of weight loss that so many people are on.

In over 11 years in the fitness industry I’ve witnessed people try pretty much every diet known to man. Some have had amazing results, some have had no effect whatsoever, but the one thing that stood out is the fact that when someone ate in a manner of completely cutting out an entire food group or macro nutrient, they have eventually put the weight back on. In a lot of cases they’ve got heavier than they were before they started. Of course there are exceptions to this but it certainly isn’t close to the majority.

More often than not these people have gone on the diets from the recommendations of friends or family who have told them wonderful stories of drastic weight loss or improvement in health. As much as these friends and family may have your best interests at heart, they are not professionals in nutrition and have had these wonderful stories of success passed on to them from other people with little knowledge of health.

The best pieces of advice I could give anyone wanting to lose weight would be as follows,

-Take in less energy than is being expelled. This is weight loss in it’s simplest form.
-Eat whole foods most of the time but allow yourself the flexibility to eat some foods that you thoroughly enjoy.

-Focus on health and strength instead of weight loss, losing kg’s will be a bi product of this.

-Don’t take your nutrition advice from memes on Facebook or Instagram. They are rarely factual.

-Seek out a trained expert in nutrition if you need guidance, these people spend their time studying the science that truly works for weight loss.

-Most importantly, don’t stress about food. Enjoy it for the blessing that it is.


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