Since starting with the Emperor Fitness group just over 12 months ago my levels of fitness, strength and power have all improved out of sight. The classes have taken me from beginner level to quite an advanced level in a variety of areas of physical fitness. From boxing, and circuit to core and interval training I have found that Emperor Fitness offers a very well rounded program. The outdoor environment combined with a relaxed and down to earth delivery of an always changing workout routine makes the classes thoroughly enjoyable. Robbie and Dave have always been fully committed to ensuring each and every member of the group, from beginner through to the most advanced get the most out of every session. In addition they are never short of suggestions and support for individuals to improve their quality of life outside of the group sessions.


I’ve been training with Emperor Fitness for 1.5 years. When I first started my fitness was average, and what I think has now got me to the fitness level that I’m at is the variety of training that Dave and Robbie provide. Between boxing, cardio, an awesome ab workout, and interval running, it has brought my fitness levels up to a whole new level. What is also great about Emperor Fitness is of course Dave and Robbie. They are professionals, and have fantastic knowledge about training, and more importantly a good healthy diet. They are also two of the most down to earth blokes you will come across. They are approachable, supportive and best of all have a great sense of humour which makes training with them all the more fun and rewarding.


When I started training with Robbie and Dave just over 18 months ago, I’d been working out 4-5 times a week, my fitness had started to plateau and there was nothing I felt motivated enough to improve on. Since joining Emperor Fitness, I’ve learnt a few things, actually a lot.. I’ve found that if you’re lucky enough to find trainers who genuinely want you to be the best version of you that you can be, hang on to them tight and do not let go. They know when I’m slacking off, when I can dig that bit deeper, even when I have zero faith in myself and when they can see I’m gritting my teeth and trying really hard, they’ll tell me that too.. I love that Emperor classes are full of fun, fit, motivated people that challenge me, make me want to work harder, push me to my extremes and inspire me to do better. They’re all there for the long haul to get genuinely fit, not just a 3 month quick fix. Since I started training with Robbie and Dave I’m finding there’s always something more to achieve; something to strive for; something to be secretly proud of; wether it be running that bit faster, lifting heavier weights or completing an obstacle course you never dared dreamed possible. I’ve always been drawn to testing my inner limits but I wouldn’t be anywhere near as physically or mentally fit as I am today without these two!


Since joining Emperor Fitness in February my exercise regime has been fun, easy and consistent. I wake up excited to go and train in the mornings. Sometimes training can be a lonely adventure. It certainly has been for me in the last couple of years. Silently flowing through yoga and pilates classes, smashing out weights sessions with my headphones in or running solo around the park. I missed the social aspect of outdoor training, especially boxing. So I joined Emperor Fitness. Not only did I find friends that are strong, determined and fully committed to their training. I also found trainers I love. Both Dave and Robbie are experienced, knowledgeable and really care about their clients. They are always cheery and keep us laughing. They have the almost magical ability to push us beyond what we thought was possible without yelling or being aggressive. They are calm and cheerful by nature, and it’s catching when you train with them! I have made such massive progress since training with the boys. I am by far the fittest I have ever been. I am significantly stronger. I can run faster. I eat better. I train smarter. I sleep better. I laugh more (did I mention the Dad jokes?). I’m so happy to have found you all. Thanks Emperor Fitness!

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