Clean Eating – Is It Really Improving Your Life?

If there’s one thing I’m tired of reading about in the fitness and health industry, it’s the term “clean eating.”

It’s getting thrown around in every Facebook post or blog by educated people, and people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

‘Eat clean, train mean’ is the war cry of many a personal trainer or fitness fanatic.

In my opinion, the whole clean eating fad is a recipe that creates eating disorders.

Labelling food types as good or bad puts so much stress on people and makes them feel guilty if they happen to eat some of these so called “bad” things. It completely removes the idea of balance and perspective.

Food should be looked at as something to love not fear.

There are foods you should eat a lot of (fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, whole grains) and foods you eat a little bit of if you want to (chocolate, chips etc).

If you want to eat a chocolate biscuit everyday, eat one. If you die tomorrow, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to regret that Tim Tam, unless of course choking on it is the cause of death.

Put food into perspective. If you eat a packet of biscuits everyday, you’re health will suffer, but if you eat one, it will make no difference.

I think as trainers we have a responsibility to create not just physically healthy humans, but also contribute to them becoming mentally healthy too. This can’t be done when the world is making them feel guilty about wanting to indulge in a bit of food.

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